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Sister to 4, daughter to 2, friend to many. Tarriona “Tank” Ball started off singing at Christian Union Baptist Church under the leadership of her grandfather, Rev. Bradford. “A Great Somebody” by Adrian Hardesty was the first poem she ever recited at this family church, this was the moment her family realized that she had something special, and was multifaceted in her gifts. The nickname, “Tank” was given by her father the late Ivy Terry Ball Sr. the poetry world soon followed as they became her family too.

While most artist favorite poets range from Maya Angelou to Langston Hughes, Tank’s favorite poet was a little closer to home, her sister La Shonda Ann Ball. Tank would read her sister’s work until it stained her memory. This stay at home muse was the first reason Tank picked up a pen.Tarriona began to write poetry at 11. At this age she already had several books and 3 magazines. Tank’s mother, Michelle was very supportive of this, she encouraged Tarriona to be the next Oprah. Tank had other plans! Her poetry soon consumed her activities of writing books and making magazines. In high school, Tank was introduced to Slam poetry. She began to compete at her high school as well as others. She won her first slam at Sarah T. Reed following her next win at Edna Karr. Though she did not make Karr’s youth slam team, she never gave up. The next year Tank was asked to join the slam team to accompany them to New York; with her school work on her priority list, she sadly declined. Another year went by before Tank was able to slam again for NOYS. She took home first place and was on her way to San Jose, California with her new “slamily”, NOYS. She has been to HBO’s Brave New Voices for 2 consecutive years.

As time passed, Tarriona “Tank” Ball aged out of the qualifications for BNV and moved on into the adult world of Slam poetry. This world was different, aggressive, and competitive. Money was involved now, it wasn’t just for fun .This was some poets livelihood and they worked hard for it. Tank decided that she wanted the same things that her peers wanted…to win. Tank linked up with her new slamily, Team SNO (Slam New Orleans). With this team, the energy was high, the chemistry on stage was evident, and the artistic creativity was there. They had no other choice but to perform their hearts out, and let everyone see how hard they worked. Subsequently, Team SNO came in 2nd place at their regional poetry slam, and one 1st place at Nationals, for Group Piece Finals. Tank felt as though she had accomplished a lot within Slam, and was ready to produce her first solo album, RandoME. This album is a collection of her music and poetry. You will find scatting, singing, rapping, & poetry, all combined on one CD, by one artist. When it comes down to boxes, Tank checks them all.

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