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Rich really sets his crowd on fire -- in a good way! Whether perched atop a tall unicycle or flinging around knives and fire, Rich is offbeat and off-balance with such style that he leaves his belly-laughing audience begging for more! On his Late Night television show, David Letterman called him, "Really something."

Rich's powerful performance fills the stage with amazing skill, hard-hitting comedy and spontaneity. Since touring with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, Rich has been blowing away audiences -- in a good way -- all over the world. He's been spotted at festivals, amusement parks, on TV on 3 continents, and even at the U.S. Vice Presidential Mansion! Book him now to see why he was rated a perfect "10" (on the Richter scale).

Rich has spent a number of years traveling with his one-man comedy juggling show, across Europe and Asia, inciting hilarity in 5 languages (English, Spanish, French, German and Japanese). He is now ready to help make your event a success!

"[Rich] was really something!" -David Letterman, Late Night With David Letterman
"Definitely!" - Paul Shaffer, Late Night With David Letterman
"Fantastic juggling! Many, many thanks!" - Tipper Gore


What does he do?
For over 20 years, Rich has been Performing Comedy, Juggling, Balancing, Stilt Walking, Unicycle, Magic, Physical Comedian, Mimi, Clown (Theatrical/European and American Circus style), Character Work, Improvisational Audience Participation, and "I've never seen anything like that before..." sorts of stunts.

More specifically:
People old and young, male and female, of color and colorless, ingenious and brainless, millionaires and the penniless. If you fit any of these criteria, his show is for you.

Even more specifically:
Rich has performed at colleges, festivals, schools, corporate events, weddings, amusement parks, libraries, private parties, in circuses, for a Vice President and on television.

Tell us more! Tell us more!
His show lasts 35-45 minutes.
(And can be adapted to your needs, from 3 minutes to 60.)

His show requires a space of approximately 10 feet by 12 feet
(And can perform even smaller...he's done an entire show perched atop a 55-gallon drum!)

He needs a 12-foot ceiling to perform his tricks.
(8 1/2 feet will do, in a pinch.)

He comes complete with a sound system to fill your stage with plenty to laugh at
(No need to rent or set up your own wrestling with the plugs. Rich brings his own system, sparing you the bother!)

He speaks English like a native!
(Well, he is a native American... But he has performed his show in a variety of languages, including Spanish, French, German and Japanese!)

Nobody has ever developed a nasty rash as a result of watching Rich's show.
(Not that can be proven anyway!)

Where can we find this incredible guy?
Based in Maryland, he has done shows up and down the East Coast, in most of Western Europe, and a multitude of Asian countries.

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