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“Phat Word”, birth name, Stephen Carter, was born in New Orleans, LA on September 3, 1986. Phat Word, also known as, “Word” has been influenced by music all of his life. As an adolescent he often sang in church, starred in talent shows and impressed spectators with his use of vocabulary. Growing up in a multi-cultured environment, Phat Word quickly distinguished himself as the Don of the freestyle empire. Phat Word’s rare talent to take a real life experience and paint a linguistic picture over a hot track propels his approach to give the fans what they want to hear along with what’s reality. His previous single “Shake The World ” involves a conscious messages over a hip-hop beat, infused with live horns and New Orleans bounce, giving fans and listeners an excitement for celebrating achievements. Word’s first single, features Grammy Award recipient “Trombone Shorty” on “Favorite Thing”, with Producer Mike Bass. Performances at colleges, clubs, additional venues, and many other musical ventures have taken Phat Word’s credibility, recognition and music to another level. He says, “I think all music should be mixed to create a new genre, yet one should stay true to who they are. God gave me the gift of poetry and music so as an honor to him, it’s about time everyone hears”.
Word has now released a new single entitled “Where Y’at”,which gives an upbeat conga like sound to hip hop, describing his familiarity with black urban struggle of poverty; telling his story of going from hustling in the streets to becoming consciously aware of community and political activities.

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