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A unique musical artist, committed to doing God’s work…
Yes we’re talking about OL WILLIAMS and The O.L Brothers. In a one on one interview we asked OL what “GS” stood for. In his prolific response he told us “GOD’S SPECIAL PROJECT”.

You see OL began his music adventure as a young child as his father being a piano player himself brought OL his first upright piano and found himself under the tutelage of several private teachers. OL’s passion for this instrument leads him to attend a Community College where he continued his study with piano theory. Now OL’s passion and knowledge of the keyboard allowed him to develop his unique style which is a combination of Neo Soul, R&B, and Gospel. As OL continued his musical journey he discovered this passion was more than just a passion, it was the blood that flows not only through his veins but through the blood line of his family; from his father, mother, aunt and later discovered his cousin internationally known Phyllis Hyman.

As his journey continued, OL, now venturing into the art of song writing and producing enlarged his territory from writing and producing not just for himself but for other artist such as “Eddie Rich” Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, and Charlie Thomas of the Drifters and never shying away from helping local talents along the way.

Now and through it all, OL must complete the promise at hand; that he would uplift the Holy Name of His Lord and Savior using every genre of music to reach all who hears him. Many souls await the magnificent sound of OL WILLIAMS and The O.L Brothers.

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