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Shortly after September 11th, I resumed writing music, ending a dry spell that lasted almost 30 years. In 1968, I began performing and dabbling with writing songs. Throughout my four years of college, I performed at numerous coffeehouses and a few bars in Massachusetts then moved to San Francisco and just stopped playing out. In Protests and Confession, the first song I penned following my re-birth as a composer, I suggest an explanation:

I used to play coffeehouses, wrote folk songs on the side.
My professional career was quite short-lived.
I played a few bars and then I retired.
My songs all featured lyrics and a few had a catchy tune.
But my protests and true confessions got too few drunks dancing in the rooms.

Born in 1952, I grew up in the Shadow of the Bomb, the title of a song off my debut CD, JUST REMEMBER. My formative years were the sixties: I protested the war in Vietnam, learned Transcendental Meditation, and went to the Woodstock Music and Arts Festival. These experiences profoundly affected my view of the world and my music.

Having grown up listening to the political and social commentary of Bob Dylan and the romantic observations of Joni Mitchell, I strive as a songwriter to write lyrics that make people think. As an acoustic guitarist, I was influenced by Livingston and James Taylor and through the years, I've developed my own percussive fingerpicking style.

People always want to know what type of music I write. Since I have never liked classifying my music, I recently started to say I write contemporay urban folk music. My hope is that people will need to listen to my material to determine what I mean. The truth is that they can call it whatever they want as long as it gets them snapping their fingers or tapping their feet and thinking.

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