Renee Smith

A. RENEE SMITH'S BUSINESS ENTERPRISES Renee heads up several organizations. Information on these businesses is below.

President and CEO of AEI (Affiliated Entertainment Industries, Inc.) a licensed booking agency with the American Federation of Musicians.

President of ISU (Information Services Unlimited).

Professional Beauty Consultant and Distributor of VW (Viviane Woodard Cosmetics) - Renee's Skin Care and Beauty Clinic.

Executive Director NARUD (New Approaches to Reduce the Use of Drugs).

AEI (Affiliated Entertainment Industries) the principle corporation was established in 1967. AEI is an artist/agent company. We represent clients in all walks of life. We negotiate contracts for performing artists; motion picture deals, fund-raising, song writings to named entertainers for recordings, book deals, and antiques articles for auction by named auctioneers.

CBCC (The Celestial Ballroom and Conference Center)  This project will be a 5500 seat entertainment venue which will book top name live entertainment in all music genres. Next to it will be a 130,000 conference center with facilities for a wide range of businesses. There will also be a 200 to 300 room hotel which will provide accommodations for entertainers and travelers. The facility will have unrestricted visibility from a major highway, US Route 15, and provides a unique opportunity in the affluent and underserved Frederick, MD market.

B.I. PRODUCTIONS is an artists management and production firm. We guide the careers of aspiring entertainers in a variety of categories. Part of managements responsibilities is to help the entertainer to prepare for the industry in their attitude and professionalism; to secure a legitimate recording contract with tour support, air play and distribution. We assist the artists in developing their individual style with respect to their image and projection.

ISU (Information Services Unlimited) provides business services to the world community. We do research for new businesses in helping to determine what, if any, licenses or permits are needed. We draw up articles of incorporation for new businesses; copyright original works, perform clerical services such as typing and small quantities of business cards. We provide telemarketing lists, corporate profiles of all businesses in America and compile mail labels which may be produced by zip code or category. In addition, we also provide the services discussed below:

Monthly Newsletter. ISU produces a monthly Newsletter which gives tips and information on Health, Fashion, current events, spiritual enlightenments, articles on positive attitudes, listings of new and existing small and minority businesses, a Thoughts for the Month, and professional financial advise from a financial advisor among other informative articles of information which help the general community to grow, thrive and be happy. The Fax Directory has only e-mail and fax numbers. The Directory is published in the form of a telephone directory with no addresses.

Viviane Woodard Cosmetics (VW). Renee has been with Woodard International since 1967 (almost since its inception fifty-four (54) years ago). She trained in Hollywood, California as a Professional Beauty Advisor under professional make up artists in the motion picture industry.

Woodard skin care products are the only products which are officially endorsed by the professional make-up society in Hollywood and the Motion Picture Industry. She has exclusive distributorship in the metropolitan area. Among those stars who use and have used Woodard Skin Care products are Dick Clark and Lola Folana. Joan Crawford and Lucille Ball were both on the original Board of Directors of VW Cosmetics. VW cosmetics are great for both men, women and young children. Skin care and make up techniques are taught to business professionals, individuals and high school students graduating to enter the world work force.

NARUD (New Approaches to Reduce the Use of Drugs). This corporations purpose is to work through a stipend program to reduce the use of cocaine and drugs. We prepare individuals to become positive, clear-minded, citizens.

The requirements to participate in this program are:

  • A willingness to be drug free.
  • Submit to daily drug testing.
  • Participate in psychological counseling.
  • Attend regular counseling and drug meetings (NA/AA).
  • Volunteer for community service in an area which will be meaningful to participant.
  • Agree to enhance and/or develop skills for employment.

This is a six (6) month program. If all requirements are met within the period, the participant will be issued a stipend for the non-use of drugs while in the program. A percentage of the funds must be placed in a savings so they will have something with which to start a new life when they complete the program. With the stipend, the individuals financial responsibilities are met so that they may concentrate on getting their head back on straight.