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The Delfonics caught the rising tide of R&B music at just the right time in the late 1960's. The group's unique style of singing and their patented dance steps caught the fancy of popular music followers both black and white. This made them a stellar attraction at rock concerts, theaters and on the night club circuit. The motivating force for the group to enter a music career was William (Poogie) Hart. William was inspired by the recordings for Frankie Lyman & The Teenagers and Little Anthony & The Imperials.

William organized his first singing group at the age of fourteen. They sang at local parties and dances. As the group grew older, they began to sing at area clubs. Randy Cain left the group to attend college for two years. In 1966, Randy decided to rejoin the group to pursue his singing career. A short time later, the Delfonics released their first single on a minor record label entitled "HE DON'T REALLY LOVE YOU". The song, like all the Delfonics future hits, was written by William Hart. This record helped bring them into the major league among other local groups.

It took the group a short time to produce another local hit, "YOU'VE BEEN UNTRUE".

The Delfonics were well on their way to success when William wrote "LA LA MEANS I LOVE YOU". The song was oddly fashioned. With sugary sentimental lyrics and William's high yet mellow vocals, the song became an instant hit. The song reached the Top Ten charts across the country. Before long, the song was winning favor in Europe and especially in England. The Delfonics were now international celebrities.

The group followed with a steady string of hits including, "YOU GET YOURS I'LL GET MINE", "I'M SORRY", "BREAK YOUR PROMISE" and "READY OR NOT".

In 1970, "DIDN'T I BLOW YOUR MIND THIS TIME" was released, which was also written by William Hart. The song kept moving upward until it reached the number one position on Billboards Pop Chart. Before the year was over, the song sold over one million copies, winning the bands its first platinum record.

At the 1971 National Academy of Recording Artists and Sciences awards, "DIDN'T I BLOW YOUR MIND THIS TIME" won a Grammy for the top Soul hit of 1970.

The Delfonics' sexy soulful style of singing was applauded by audiences in all parts of the United States and Europe. The Delfonics completed a highly successful tour of Europe and were featured on almost every TV variety show at home and overseas.

The group continued with such popular singles as "FOR THE LOVE I GIVE TO YOU", "TRYING TO MAKE A FOOL OF ME" and "WHEN YOU GET RIGHT DOWN TO IT".

In 1973, released their best selling LP entitled, "THE DELFONICS SUPER HITS". During this year, Randy left the group to continue his education and was replaced by Major Harris. Major had been with a singing group named The Nat Turner Rebellion.

The Delfonics released yet another chart climbing album entitled, "TELL ME THIS IS A DREAM". Major Harris went on to pursue a solo career with the release of his hit song, "LOVE WON'T LET ME WAIT". Major returned to the group after a short leave. Original member Randy Cain also returned to perform with the group.

Garfield Fleming, the newest member of the group, had been performing as a solo artist for the past 20 years. Garfield adds a unique singing style to the group that has been compared to David Ruffin.

More recently we can still hear the Delfonics songs in motion pictures such as "The Five Heartbeats" and "Crooklyn". The R&B singing group Silk recorded a remake of the tune "FOR THE LOVE I GIVE TO YOU" on their recently platinum selling album.

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