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As a principal vehicle for former Motown hitmaker Norman Whitfield's engaging compositions, Rose Royce ascended to the top of the Soul Music world with a string of great hits and a tight, full sound that rivaled many of the best self-contained soul and funk groups of that era.

Formed by trumpeter/vocalist Kenny Copeland, drummer Henry Garner, trumpeter Freddie Dunn, and keyboardist Michael Nash, in the mid 70s, the group first served as a backup band for Edwin Starr, who introduced them to his "War" producer, Whitfield. This led to regular work with many of Whitfield's other Motown acts, including the Undisputed Truth.

Rose Royce is a nine member band which Norman Whitfield-produced MCA soundtrack to the Richard Pryor movie Car Wash. With its hand-clapping, funky intro, exciting vocals and the band's great performance, the title track became one of the biggest dance songs ever, leaping to #1 on the pop and soul charts and taking Rose Royce with it. Fortunately, the group turned out to be neither a one-hit-wonder nor just a dance band. Rose Royce's follow up from the soundtrack, "I Wanna Get Next To You," was a gorgeous ballad as strong as anything Whitfield had provided to the Temptations and the performance was again outstanding.

Car Wash moved Rose Royce to the head of the R&B pack, and the group capitalized on its position with In Full Bloom, the band's formal debut album (on Norman Whitfield's own Whitfield Records), which topped the charts and landed the big hit, "Ooh Boy." In 1978 Rose Royce again proved to be a great love song group, hitting the charts with two now-classic ballads, "Wishing On A Star" and "Love Don't Live Here Anymore" (later remade by Beyonce) and the top five album Rose Royce Strikes Again.

Rose Royce continues to this day with the foundation of Copeland, Garner, Dunn, and Nash who self-released the album Live In Hollywood. A resurgence of their music, through the continuing popularity of "Car Wash" and the cover of some of their ballads by new generation singers, has made Rose Royce a popular touring act again and kept the classy funk and soul flowing well into the 21st Century.

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