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I was born Charles Cousins in 1971, I won my first poetry contest in the third grade and I started rapping in the 7th grade. Rap or Hip Hop gave me an identity. When I'm not writing I am the question that is rarely answered, "WHO CARES". With or without a pen in my hand I can write my past present and future. I've been homeless twice and have had more jobs than the number of years I have been living. "BUT WHO CARES" I'm divorced and I have an adopted son who I haven't seen in years. "BUT WHO CARES" I'm bipolar and was molested by a man and also two girls. "BUT WHO CARES" I also preach everyday in the streets, give like Oprah and have helped more women out of bad situations in the last year than most firemen. Because I care. Do You? Do you care if the strong overpowers the weak? Do you care if kids never amount to anything because they're trying to live out the lyrics of gangsta rappers. Do you care that as homosexuality becomes more acceptable everything good and pure becomes unacceptable. Like raising children, starting families and cherishing women, God's only gift to man. If you don't care consider yourself my enemy. And if you're my enemy, you're Gods enemy. (Luke 10:16) I'm LongShot, no one can stop me from speaking the truth, no one can stop me from seeking the truth because I speak and seek the wisdom of Christ and he is the Truth! You ... Think .... You .... Know .... Me .... Now

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