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From the Everly Brothers to the Jackson 5, family bands often seem to possess a level of intuitive musical communication that ensembles composed of non-relatives can rarely attain. Gospel combo Generation J, which consists of four cousins (two sets of siblings--one male, one female), is no exception. Sounding at times like a spiritually driven pairing of Boyz II Men and TLC, the quartet is staggeringly talented, especially considering that SECRET PLACE is the group's debut album. Generation J seems to have mastered just about every urban musical style in existence, often seamlessly combining smooth R&B, dancehall reggae, straight-ahead pop, and hip-hop all in a single song. When not engaging in some of the most gorgeous vocal harmonizing this side of the Beach Boys ("Worship Medley"), Generation J lays down an old-school Prince-like party groove so deep that it can only be described as divinely inspired ("Dance"). Throughout SECRET PLACE, the cousins make clear that singing for the Lord allows them to utilize their God-given gifts to the fullest.

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