Bucc City

Hip-Hop / Rap (Music) – Rap

Age Demographics: 18+

Where abouts unknown.

With raw talent, love for the art of music, and a natural hood presence the world should prepare for this artist named Bucc City. With realistic energetic lyrical ability this rapper defines Chicago city living in which he was born and raised. This South Side native spits at any tempo needed for any song and any style needed for every type of track. Now residing in Maryland this entertainer is taking advantage of every opportunity the east coast has to offer and any other region for that matter.

Bucc City has been rapping for 15 years sharing personal life situations through his music. He has an unforgetable voice using street slang and witty flows to get his point across. You can hear the passion for his craft in his lyrics as he doesn't hold back on his emotions. Whether its life, club records, or street anthems he makes you feel it. "The Top Is The Goal."


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