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Brad Stine is on a mission - a mission to free us all from the chains of political correctness and prevent our eventual 'wussification.' From his Nashville stronghold, Stine is mounting his crusade against these hypocrisies, all of which are explored in his highly anticipated 4th album/DVD, aptly titled 'WUSSIFICATION!'

"You know what offends me?....Offended people," says Stine. A staunch supporter of first amendment rights and foe of political correctness, Stine asserts that rights should be universally applied. "In a country with guaranteed rights to freedom of religion, its citizens are constantly trying to make faith in public spheres illegal, I am offended by that contradiction and want to talk about it as a comic." The strength of his conviction about our freedoms can be found in many places on WUSSIFICATION - from "Merry Christmas Too!" (the right to celebrate religion) to "At Least We're Not France!" (the responsibility to take action as a country) to "Spank" (the ability to discipline our children the way we see fit).

What would cause the wussification of Brad Stine? "I hope that nothing ever wussifies me to deny my own personal beliefs," he says. "Brainwashed wussies have been taught that standing up for yourself and defending your personal point of view makes you a close-minded hate monger." Stine stops short of defending his point of view as the ONLY one, adding "... one must also be respectful of dissenting belief while supporting their own." He is, after all, an inclusive figure who trains his comedy to attack ideas, not the people who embrace them. Stine's faith forces him to acknowledge the respect and dignity of all... even the wussies with whom he disagrees!

Stine models his approach to comedy after legendary practitioners that he has known and loved over the years. Despite George Carlin's disdain for theistic beliefs, he has been a big influence on Stine. "I always enjoyed Carlin for turning the tables on culture. He is an excellent writer that has endured for decades." More current comedic touchstones are Brian Reagan, Paula Poundstone, Jim Gaffigan and Monty Python, among others.

Fear not, true believers - with his brand new album, Brad Stine is here to save the world from WUSSIFICATION - one politically-correct, offended person at a time!

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