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Bill  Ray began when he was an unnamed lyrical monster destroying every freestyle session that presented itself. Winning rap battles continued to increase his ambition despite how dramatic life was. A product of a broken home built character and gave him opportunities.

Bill Ray raised in Harlem via Spring Valley, NY by his grandmother. He had two loves, a passion for music and a movie "Trading Places" starring Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd. Being able to recite every word from the movie he began claiming the name Bill Ray which became his stage name. 

At twelve years old he moved to California to live with his mother. It was a short stay! Her patience and understanding for Billy was small at best and she kicked him out leaving the twelve year old to fend for himself. 

To survive on the streets he didn’t let homelessness get the best of him. Hustling and fast talking became the norm but eventually, Bill’s menacing in the streets grew to a level of fear for his life, but he made it back to New York.

At just nineteen with his grandmother’s love and support he placed value on his gift for rhyming and took a creative plunge with two local emcees to create the group Triple Beam. 

Bill Ray coached his rhyming partners on the mechanics of the art. The group reached moments of potential from a slight tour and rubbing elbows with major producers. But it would be the individual realizations for the other members that would leave Bill Ray once again, out on his own and in a solo career. 

A month after his contemporaries were signed, he received a call from DJ Maseo of the group De La Soul. DJ Maseo let it be known that he wanted Bill Ray to sign to his newly formed record label, Bear Mountain Entertainment. During the process Bill Ray received several other flattering offers to be signed but felt more compassion for his art was with Bear Mountain Entertainment so he kept to his word to Maseo and signed to him.

Without qualifications, Bill Ray suddenly was recording songs with artists like OG Bumpy Knuckles, KRS One, Sadat X and Black Rob; backed by major producers like DJ Premier and 9th Wonder. Strong friendships and a deep understanding of the industry resulted in a drive to be by himself and after a decade in the making he formulated a unique sound drawing on those friendships that influenced and fueled his passion for rap. Recording 18 songs in under a week, churning out a 26 tracked mixtape billed DJ Maseo Presents Hip Hop AKA Bill Ray, followed by an extensive world tour opening up for De La Soul’s 20th Anniversary for 3ft High & Rising.Developing a wealth of attention from fans and music critics alike and backed by an unyielding pursuit to be heard, Bill Ray continues to write and perform his music world-wide. 

Bills influence in the industry has been genuinely felt a remix to his youTube hit "Exit" was mixed by a unknown DJ from Clinton, MD. The DJ incorporated a hit song made by the Dub-step sensation Skrillex. Bill had him use Skrillex's song after Bill's friend DJ Premier was part of the Skrillex worked with the Legendary remaining members of "The Doors" to make a song used in the remix called "Breakin' A Sweat". Bill a big fan of that project asked the DJ in Clinton to mix the songs together as the DJ was performing. Bill was shocked that the DJ in such a small bar was that talented and actually made the mix live only minutes after agreeing to fuse them together. It was put on youtube that same week and in the weeks that followed. It had over a couple hundred thousand views before it was removed for reasons to which are unknown. However, A$ap Rocky produced a song with Skrillex called "Wild For The Night" which is greatly similar in style of the Bill Ray "Exit" remix. Although there hasn't been any definitive proof their song is the direct result of Bill Ray's remix. It's the opinion of many people who knew the timeline and witnessed both songs similarity and the secretive nature in which Bill's Remix was taken down. Bill in the very least helped to influence the idea and Ironically the Clinton DJ mixed the "Birdy Nam Nam - Goin' In (Skrillex "Goin' Hard" Mix)" (The song behind the A$ap Rocky Song) with the Bill Ray remix that night. 

Currently Bill has been in the studio in between performances getting his next album ready. He has began planning new music videos to be released simultaneous to the singles and later the album. He is fast becoming a favorite in many different markets and is a major headliner at recent shows.

Bill said in a recent interview his new album will feature "new producers, and talents that the world is going to go insane over!" Bill also went on to say "He has been blessed to have so many people and fans that support his vision and loves each and every one of them."

Make sure you take notice of Bill Ray in the coming months. This album will be his best yet.


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