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Beautifully gifted is a perfect description of Anami Jordan. With vocal and writing abilities far beyond her years, Anami has also found time to write and produce her music in different languages. Her influences encompass the likes of super Soul artists such as Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan and Whitney Houston as well as our new-aged Hip-Hop ringers such as Mariah Carey, Destiny’s Child, Christina Aguilera and in between. In an industry overflowing with synthesized voices, it is absolutely refreshing to hear the sweet sounds of Ms. Anami Jordan.

Anami, who grew up in Houston, Texas, is very proud of her full-blood Nigerian heritage. She has been singing since the age of 2 and constantly challenges herself in her writing and vocal ability. She has a keen ear and loves to work tirelessly at her goal of becoming one of the music industry’s top performers of respected quality music. The ability to know music on many different levels, she believes, is a God-given talent and it runs in her family. If her looks alone don’t captivate you, her voice definitely will.

Now Anami is doing it big in the D.C. metropolitan area, aka “the DMV”, where she enjoys recording her music. Her style works to satisfy the music flavors of all listeners and her collaborations include many hot Rap and Hip Hop artists such as Paul Wall and Slim Thug. In a YouTube tribute, Anami honors Oprah with a song she wrote giving thanks for the mark she has made on her life and the lives of so many others! She’s is a featured artist in the June issue of Sister 2 Sister magazine, and all the while, she is the host of her very own music video show called “In Luv Wit Hip Hop” on the Real Hip-Hop Network (RHN).

She will always give credit to her source of strength above because she knows where her talents come from. She is young and sexy, determined, witty, spontaneous, and outgoing. As far as acceptance, it is assured that the world is ready to accept Anami Jordan with open arms.

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