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Allyson Taylor is a dynamic singer, songwriter, and performer in the blue-eyed soul tradition. Born and raised in South Carolina, she has soaked up the funky southern rhythms of James Brown and Mother’s Finest and combined that with the elegant jazzy stylings of Billie Holliday, Gladys Knight, and Carol King. Allyson honed her vocal chops as a teen doing standards with established jazz acts. Her songs have been recorded by major artists including Alison Krauss.

Country star, Bryan White recorded her song, “The Natural Thing” on his gold Asylum CD: “Right Place”. And Alison Krauss released as a single, Taylor’s “Stay”, on her Grammy nominated album, “Forget About It”.
The recording was picked up by the Miramax movie, Happy Texas and subsequently released on a soundtrack album by Arista. Allyson was also a featured vocalist on bassist extraordinaire, Victor
‘s Grammy nominated album, Yin and Yang, singing the lead on “One”. Wooten was in Allyson’s first band when she moved to Nashville.

Taylor refuses to put labels on her music. She just says, “I think the time for artists that are willing to forgo all the inside ‘advice’ and represent themselves in a purely original light is here. That is precisely what an artist is. I can’t manufacture some type of sound or image someone else would like to see me in. Usually the song dictates all of what it’s about for me. If I write a waltz, which I did on this record, I wanna do a waltz. If I feel like doing a James Brown kind of tune, I’ll do it. I don’t want someone who barely knows me telling me I can’t do a waltz and a funk tune on the same record. These changes of pace keep music alive and interesting to me. It’s also so much more fun in the live show too. Communicating to the audience on all these different levels keep them involved with what’s going on with me and the band.

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